My work is a symbolic portrait of the interior feminine self, reflecting the conflict between perceived vulnerability and inherent vitality. I chose steel as my medium because of its weight, strength and raw quality, while transparent glass rods are used to create visual movement and mystery. Incorporating images behind the glass further elaborates the themes of my work.  By using simple geometric forms, I force the viewer to focus on only a small portion of the piece in order to derive its meaning. Through a subtle use of subject matter, I challenge the viewer to employ two separate, but connected filters in the interpretation of my work: the personal and the political.

In order to thoroughly unravel the themes of my work, the viewer must actively engage with each piece. This requires participation in a kinesthetic conversation, in which movement and position shape imagery and perspective. The physical and metaphorical barriers surrounding women allow them to interact with narrow segments of their worlds. Within these confines, they discover ways to shape their environment, constructing a rich and complete reality. As my work represents this unique aesthetic, the viewer gains a direct understanding of the power of adaptation.